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Instructor: Brooke Richardson, MS, CCC-SLP

7 hours  |  0.7 ASHA CEUs  |  self-paced

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Respiratory Muscle Training for the MedSLP
self-paced webinar

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Respiratory Muscle Training for the MedSLP combines lecture, critical thinking through case studies, and video examples for multimodal learning. Participants will learn about various applications of Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) with adults, including expiratory  and inspiratory muscle training (EMT/EMST and IMT/IMST).  

Literature and case vignettes are used to support the use of RMT with patients with swallowing and communication disorders across the continuum of healthcare, from acute care to outpatient.  A practical library of evidence supporting RMT in diverse patient populations is provided, including treatment protocols.  

What you'll learn:

  • Evidence for Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT / RMST) 
  • Applications for RMT in adults, including: dysphagia, dysarthria, voice, PVFM/VCD, ICU/acute care, trach/vent, and more 
  • How to complete an assessment, including documentation and goals
  • How to provide the therapy
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Steps for starting a program at your facility

Also included with your purchase is the highly-coveted RMT Toolkit© which contains an extensive bibliography, a quick guide to completing your RMT evaluation, homework sheets for patients, and more.

ASHA CEU reporting offered for this course until: July 31, 2026


1 Year Access

$305 USD

What Medical SLPs say about the course:

Caroline W.

Acute Care SLP

"Brooke's course is a fantastic overview of RMT for the Medical SLP. She incorporates real patient scenarios and encourages attendees to critically think through plan of care decision-making. Brooke's course content can benefit beginner and advanced RMST providers. She arms you with articles and tangible resources that obviously took her hundreds of hours to develop.

This course is loaded with facts, data, and norms for treatment that so many of us feel we missed out on in graduate school. 

I would highly recommend Brooke's RMST class for any clinician treating dysphagia. I look forward to taking Brooke's other course offerings!"

Lisa B.

Acute Care SLP

"I was hesitant to take this course initially, thinking it would not be as relevant to my inpatient population, but I am so glad that I took this course.

Brooke does a wonderful job of explaining the utility of RMT in many different clinical contexts (including acute care) and organized the course well, citing the research behind its work in different clinical contexts and providing some very practical information on how to modify practice patterns to suit a certain clinical scenario.

I did not have much familiarity beyond a single EMT device and now feel more confident with making a decision between devices as well as understanding the role of IMT better within my patient populations. I would highly recommend this course." 

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The Presenter

Brooke Richardson, MS, CCC-SLP is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist in the United States. She's been treating adults with complex medical needs in the acute and outpatient settings since 2009.

She has been instrumental in establishing Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) programs in multiple hospitals and other healthcare settings, and has spoken internationally on RMT.  

Brooke values exceptional-quality continuing education for other MedSLPs, and seeks to improve our patient care by emphasizing the importance of understanding a patient's whole medical picture when evaluating and treating.

When she's not teaching SLPs or seeing medically-complex patients, Brooke spends most of her time spending quality time with her husband and daughter, drinking coffee, and dreaming of her next vacation destination.


1 Year Access

$305 USD

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