with Brooke Richardson, Medical SLP

If you're like a lot of SLPs, you've probably felt:
  • Overwhelmed by a serious case of imposter syndrome
  • Disappointed by education that's too basic or surface-level (or boring!)
  • Exhausted from being a Medical SLP, not to mention finding courses or resources that are actually relevant to you
  • Frustrated by some other SLP businesses telling you you're not good enough or, well, just not enough
... The Modern MedSLP is here to help you care for your patients, kick that imposter syndrome to the curb, and give yourself space to breathe.

The Modern MedSLP Difference

Clinically rooted

The Modern MedSLP is run by a practicing SLP who values learning from expert researchers & respected clinicians.

That's why these clinician-crafted courses and materials are based in evidence and clinical expertise.


Growing your clinical expertise shouldn't cost a fortune.

The Modern MedSLP's education and resources will never break your bank.


Tired of courses that are lots of fluff and not a lot of substance?

The Modern MedSLP's no-BS courses give you real-world info in a short period of time. 

Perfect for busy SLPs.


Who runs The Modern MedSLP? A practicing clinician with a finger on the pulse of being a MedSLP today.  

You'll go seamlessly from the classroom to the clinic with these relevant tools and techniques.

Learn today, implement tomorrow.

What is The Modern MedSLP?

The Modern MedSLP has been designed by Brooke Richardson, a practicing Medical SLP who has a vision of making continuing education and resources clinically-relevant, affordable, and efficient for busy SLPs.

As a practicing clinician, Brooke understands the challenges of being a Medical SLP in an ever-evolving medical world, and develops courses and resources that meet modern clinicians' needs.

At The Modern MedSLP, you're empowered with choice to build the custom learning plan that suits your clinical needs-- and your budget-- best.  

Here's what you can choose:
  • Which webinars you want to take (they're not locked behind a secretive subscription!)
  • If you join a Membership, when to join and leave (but I hope you'll stick around!)
  • Which resources you need in your practice, for your patients
  • To learn about topics from interdisciplinary experts