The Modern MedSLP

with Brooke Richardson, Medical SLP

What is The Modern MedSLP?

The Modern MedSLP has been designed by Brooke Richardson, a practicing Medical SLP who has a vision of making continuing education clinically-relevant, affordable, and efficient for busy SLPs.

As a clinician, I understand the challenges of seeing patients in an ever-evolving medical world (ahem, COVID19 pandemic, I see you too). I don't get time or money for continuing education from my employer, and I've found that a lot of available clinical education just isn't relevant to what I do day in and day out. So I want to make sure that when I do use my time and money on continuing education, I want it to be top-notch and applicable. I don't know about you, but I've noticed a massive gap between education and practice.

As the daughter of a custom home builder, and as a  person on a budget, I value the importance of having choices. Choices like:
  • What community to surround myself with
  • Whose expertise to learn from
  • How to learn
  • When to learn
  • What resources I want to download
  • Fitting my wants and needs into my budget
  • When to join or leave a membership or subscription

Because of this, I've built The Modern MedSLP. Here, you're empowered with choice to build the custom learning plan that suits your clinical needs-- and your budget-- best.  

Here's what you can choose:
  • Which à la carte webinars you want to take (they're not locked behind a subscription).
  • Whether you want to be a part of the Membership, where you'll have access to Case Studies and Community (and more).
  • If you join a Membership, when to join and leave (but I hope you'll stick around!)
  • Which à la carte resources you need.
  • How to connect with me, whether in the Mod Med Community, Office Hours, or one-one-one consultations.
  • And, coming soon, which interdisciplinary experts to learn from.

I'm inviting you to join me in being a Modern MedSLP -- click below to take the first step!