Confidently manage any patient, no matter how complex.

The Modern MedSLP is bringing you affordable, no-BS education and time-saving tools that are designed to help you thrive.

The Modern MedSLP Difference

Clinically rooted

As a practicing SLP, I believe it's important to learn from expert researchers and clinicians alike.

That's why  my clinician-crafted education and materials are based in evidence and clinical expertise.


I believe that growing clinical expertise shouldn't cost a fortune.

My education and resources will never break the bank.

No fluff

Tired of courses that are lots of fluff and not a lot of meat? Me, too.

My no-BS courses are taught by experts who pack a lot of knowledge into a short period of time. 

Perfect for busy SLPs.


I'm a practicing SLP with a finger on the pulse of what it's really like to be a modern MedSLP.  

My practical education education and resources take you from the classroom to the clinic.

Learn today, implement tomorrow.

The Modern MedSLP helps you thrive in any setting

Created by a respected clinician who's still practicing (no ivory towers here!),
The Modern MedSLP is up to date on current issues, trends, and knowledge gaps.

Increase your clinical competence with our practical, affordable, exceptional-quality education.
Our ever-growing library of on-demand webinars can be completed at your pace, in your space!
Want opportunities to interact with trusted experts and fellow clinicians? Our live webinars offer just that.

Need useful clinical tools that help you get the job done without spending a fortune (or a lot of time creating your own)? 
Shop our Market for time-saving tests, cheat sheets, and handouts you can use in clinic today!

Our supportive, no-fuss community is full of fellow clinicians who are tired of social media discord. 
Ask questions, give suggestions to others, and share the good, bad, and ugly about our field.

Looking for personalized, in-depth guidance? Brooke offers one-on-one consultations to meet your individual goals:

  • Expert advice on challenging patient cases
  • Career / interview / resume prep 
  • Program development

We believe that SLPs should be able to choose what and when they learn. Not everyone needs the same education and resources; we trust you to decide what's best for you. 

Prefer the convenience of a subscription? We've got you covered! Would you rather choose what you want, when you want? You'll never be locked into a subscription that you don't need.

Continue your journey toward medslp mastery

Discover Modern MedSLP:

Meet the creator of the Modern MedSLP

Hi there! I'm BROOKE.

I've been a practicing MedSLP in acute care and outpatient since 2009.

After years of mentoring, carefully crafting courses and tools, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals, I created The Modern MedSLP for practicing clinicians like me and you because I:

  • believe SLPs deserve better than long, expensive courses filled with fluff
  • provide more specialized, focused education than what other sites offer
  • value education that's easily taken from classroom into the clinic
  • want fellow SLPs to have the resources they need to manage any patient 
  • dream of patients around the world having the best outcomes possible
  • think we should break the traditional MedSLP mold
  • am passionate about what I do!