I'm an SLP on an SLP budget, and I loooove a good freebie!  (Who doesn't?)

I'm happy to share the below free resources in hopes that they help you!

Free clinical tools and downloads for Medical SLPs

Podcast Guest Spots

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Certifications in the Courts

Comparison of Pediatric and Adult Acute Care

Considerations for Competency

Be a Modern SLP

Implementing RMT

"But I meant well..."

Covid Convo

3 Roles of the SLP in the ICU

RMT for Dysphagia

Acute Care & ICU Resources for SLPs

Some of my favorite resources pertaining to ICU and acute care:      

Articles & Websites

  • We Need an Additional Seat at the Critical Care Multidisciplinary Team Table for our Speech-Language Pathologists (Article)    
  • Swallowing Dysfunction after Critical Illness (Article)
  • ICU-Acquired Swallowing Disorders: Review (Article)    
  • Post-extubation Dysphagia: Does Timing of Evaluation Matter? (Article)      
  • Evaluation of Swallow Function Post-Extubation: Is It Necessary to Wait 24 Hours? (Article)      
  • Society for Critical Care Medicine (Journal)
  • ICUdelirium.org
  • Long-Term Cognitive Impairment after Critical Illness (Article)
  • SPEACS-- resources for communication/AAC training in the ICU       
  • AAC in the ICU (article)    ...    and (another article)    …. and (yet another article)  

RMST Resources for SLPs

Some of my favorite resources pertaining to Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT / RMST):     

Podcast guest spots

Articles & Websites

  • COVID-19 related guidance on PFTs (Pulmonary Function Tests) from the American Thoracic Society (ATS) (Article)
  • Strength-training exercise in dysphagia rehabilitation: principles, procedures, and directions for future research (Article)
  • Respiratory strength training: concept and intervention outcomes (Article)
  • A framework for understanding shared substrates of airway protection (Article)
  • Submental sEMG and hyoid movement during Mendelsohn maneuver, effortful swallow, and expiratory muscle strength training (Article)
  • Expiratory muscle strength training evaluated with simultaneous high-resolution manometry and electromyography (Article)
  • Impact of Expiratory Strength Training in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Article)
  • Impact of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training on Voluntary Cough and Swallow Function in Parkinson Disease (Article)


  • Purchase the MicroRPM Respiratory Pressure Meter (MDSpiro site)
  • More coming soon...