Hi there, fellow SLP!

I'm Brooke, a Medical SLP practicing in acute care and outpatient since 2009.

Working in healthcare throughout my entire career,
I experience the same challenges you do -- things like finding the right education and community to grow my clinical skills without giving up my precious non-SLP time.

My passion for bridging the gaps between research, education, and real-life clinical practice led me to create The Modern MedSLP... a specialized platform that offers specialized education, resources, and a supportive community to help you:  

  • Connect with a practicing clinician whose expertise you trust… and who also understands the challenges of working in the ever-changing healthcare climate
  • Hone your clinical skills with digestible education that applies directly to the real world
  • Meaningfully connect with other Medical SLPs in a supportive community
  • Thrive personally and professionally by leaving behind groups that allow bullying or promote groupthink
  • Practice as the confident SLP you envision yourself being!

Inside The Modern MedSLP, you’ll learn not only from me– a practicing MedSLP, educator, and mentor with more than 13 years of experience– you'll also learn from other experts and each other.

When I'm not doing MedSLP things, I'm spending as much time as I can with my husband (who's... also a MedSLP 😅), our daughter, and our silly dog. You can also find me drinking coffee, taking pictures around town, and dreaming of my next travel destination. 

Proud presenter for:

Areas of Expertise

  • Mentoring SLPs & Graduate Students
  • Settings: Acute care / ICU & Outpatient
  • Clinical decision-making and critical thinking
  • Medically-complex patients
  • RMT (respiratory muscle strength training, including EMST)
  • Trach/vent
  • Swallowing / dysphagia; FEES & MBS/VFSS
  • Neurogenic disorders
  • Low-tech AAC
  • Understanding medical contributions (labs, meds, diseases, etc)
  • Collaboration
  • Documentation
  • Real Talk
  • Being a Jack (Jill) of All Trades
  • EBP (of course!)

SLP Kryptonites

  • Laryngectomy (TEP changes, lary button/HME fittings, etc)
  • High-tech AAC (device selection, etc)
  • Videostroboscopy for voice
  • Pediatrics
  • Toxic positivity