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Hi there, fellow SLPs!  

I'M BROOKE, a Medical SLP practicing in acute care and outpatient since 2009. Working in healthcare throughout my entire career, I experience the same challenges that you do -- things like finding the right education and community to grow my clinical skills without giving up my precious non-SLP time.

My passion for bridging the gaps between research, education, and real-life clinical practice led me to create The Modern MedSLP... a specialized platform that offers specialized education, resources, and a supportive community. Just for Medical SLPs.

Premium Courses & Resources

We MedSLPs needs specialized education for our specialized field.

At The Modern MedSLP, you'll benefit from exceptional continuing education and resources created for Medical SLPs across practice settings, including acute care and ICU.

Learn from an Expert who's still practicing

Modern MedSLP courses are taught by clinicians with expertise in various realms of Speech Pathology and healthcare.  

I'm combining my 13+ years of acute care experience with the knowledge of expert clinicians in other disciplines to transform your practice with the most well-rounded, clinically-relevant education available.

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vibrant Community

I'm a firm believer in the power of connection. We are truly stronger together, no matter our setting or geographic location.  

The Modern MedSLP community values meaningful connection over surface-level interactions, that connects clinicians in unique ways, and that doesn't shy away from discussing the realities of our field. I invite you to join!