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CAMP is perfect for you if...

  • You're tired of impersonal learning.
  • You crave connection with an approachable mentor and peers.
  • You prefer interactive learning, but your time and budget make in-person challenging
  • You want a deep-dive on the topic with a trusted mentor (Brooke!).
  • You learn best when a learning experience has direct clinical applications.
  • You thrive with accountability and focus, and are ready to kiss procrastination goodbye.

Does this sound like you?
Join CAMP now:

What's involved in CAMP?

Did you know 'flipped classroom' learning can help you retain information better? source

Clinical Applications Mentoring Programs (CAMPs) are a MODERN way for SLPs to learn.

Each CAMP is a focused, month-long learning experience.  You'll complete fluff-free on-demand learning modules and get support through live mentoring calls with your cohort.

To keep you on the path to mastery, concepts will build on what you learned the week prior. You'll also get calls to action to help you apply your new knowledge in practice.  

NOTE: Due to their structure, CAMPs are only offered a couple times a year.

Your learning success-- and privacy-- are important to me! CAMP spots are very limited in order to create a safe, successful environment for all SLPs.

What are the benefits of joining a CAMP?

  • Meet your goals faster: CAMP is a focused, month-long program with the finish line in sight.
  • Manageable modules: On-demand modules are broken down into segments for each mentoring call.
  • Clinical applications: Regular calls-to-action keep you on the path to mastery.
  • Mentoring: Live mentoring calls answer your questions and help you apply concepts in clinic.
  • Relevant: Each CAMP is hours of no-BS continuing education (see each CAMP page for information about specific hours and ASHA CEUs)
  • Clinical tools: CAMP Manual and other clinical tools available only to CAMPers

  • ... and more (of course!)

NOTE: Due to their intimate nature, CAMPs are only offered a couple times a year.

Meet your Modern Mentor

Brooke Richardson, MS, CCC-SLP is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist who has been caring for medically-complex adults since 2009. She has worked from acute care to outpatient and, as a practicing clinician, she understands that wins and challenges of her fellow MedSLPs today. In addition to her ongoing direct patient care, Brooke has been mentoring SLPs, teaching courses, and supporting SLPs in starting Respiratory Muscle Training programs at their facilities since 2015.